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TIDE and USA Swimming have Safe Sport policies in place to help protect the safety of our athletes and all members. All swim team members must sign-off on additional team policies including electronic communication policy, photography policy, etc. during annual team registration. Travel policies and paperwork must be completed for all team travel trips.

The Minor Athlete Abuse Protection Policy covers six areas:



1.  One-on-One Interactions

2. Meetings and Individual Training Sessions

3. In Program Travel and Lodging

4. Social Media & Electronic Communication 

5. Locker Rooms & Changing Areas

6. Massages & Rubdowns

MAAPP 2.0  2021 Highlights:

1.  Electronic communication limited to between 5am to 9pm.

2. All communication done from an adult participant (coach, officials , chaperone, etc.) Must have another adult participant on the communication no matter how many team members are on email/text.

3. Adult participants must not follow or accept requests on social media from minor athlete.

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